Solar Water Geysers

Save Gas/ Electricity Bills for Water Heating

  • The fuel (Sun Shine) is free forever.
  • Solar Geysers are environment friendly.
  • Easy to install.
  • A ‘Solar Water Heater’ is ONE TIME investment that will save your money & energy for years.
  • ‘Solar Water Heater’ can operate in all climates
  • It makes economic sense to think beyond the initial purchase price to consider life time energy cost.
  • ‘Solar Water Heater’ economics compare quite favorably with those of electric & gas water heaters.
  • Suitable both for commercial as well as domestic use.

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  1. Solar Collector: Adopt interferential coating technology to evacuated tube; high absorbance: 96%; vacuum degree: 5x10-4Pa; 100 times higher than that of the common tubes (5x10-2Pa) with excellent heat preservation effect; long service life.
  2. The Inner Water Tank: Made of SUS304 stainless steel with high chromium and nickel, ensuring a high corrosion protection; adopt automatic argon arc welding process which avoids the inter-granular corrosion caused by the austenite welding, guaranteeing a longer service life.
  3. The Insulation: adopt high quality PU foam at constant temperature under high pressure; high temperature slaking process creates even, high dense foam with low thermal conductivity, stable performance and excellent heat preservation effect.
  4. Frame: use hot galvanized sheet as the frame material to realize high intensity, pull-resistance, press-resistance; powder spraying process to frame surface makes it be resistant to corrosion, scratch and free of plastic dropping; with service time for several decades.
  5. Components: intelligent control system, ISV automatic control valve, SED auxiliary heating system is optional according.

  • 100 L (Non Pressurized) Rs. 21,000/-
  • 120 L (Non Pressurized) Rs. 23,000/-
  • 170 L (Non Pressurized) Rs. 29,500/-
  • 200 L (Non Pressurized) Rs. 31,500/-
  • 250 L (Non Pressurized) Rs. 34,500/-
  • 300 L (Non Pressurized) Rs. 52,000/-
  • 100 L (Pressurized) Rs.35000/-
  • 200 L (Pressurized) Rs.56000/-
  • 300 L (Pressurized) Rs.76000/-
  • 360 L (Pressurized) Rs.88000/-
  • Given price does not include any 'carriage / transportation' or 'installation' charges.

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