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FR-UK 1-Phase
FR-UK (10-20KVA) characters true on line double conversion, zero transfer time, Intellectual modular design, adopt advanced power apparatus IGBT, predominant SPWM inverter, MMBM intellectual multi-modes battery management and intellectual monitoring and management software. The super strength parallel capacity can extend online parallel redundancy or N+1 redundancy parallel raising user investing ability, Optimize the investment on data center with high reliability, usability, management, extension, and lower maintenance fee.


FR-UK Tri-Phase
  • True double conversion online UPS
  • Adopted IGBT and output transformer
  • Reliable EMC Features
  • Cold Start Function
  • Full functions LCD Display
  • The patented intelligent battery control system
  • Flexible net project for monitoring (optional).
  • Advanced non-master-slave self-adaptive control technology(parallel type)

IPS Series
The capacity of IPS series is from 60KVA to 400KVA.
High reliability, strong ability to purify the power grid, average non-trouble operating time (MTBF) reaches as high as for 220000 hours.
Strong loading ability, the series can adapt to inductive load, resistive load, capacitive load and so on , ultra strong adaption especially for inductive loads such as electrical machinery, water pump, oil engine etc.
Well compatibility, the series could match with voltage regulator, variable frequency device.

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