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Sine-wave for KI Series
This series is specially designed reliable and safe power supply for medium/small net center, computer room, mini intellectual device and finished apparatus. Adopt advanced full digital control technique, reliable line interactive structure design, by monitoring software, subscriber also can secure system data and network equipment full sides even without personnel guardian.

Main Features:
  • Digital technology
  • Intelligent Battery Charger
  • User-friendly LCD display
  • Reliable Online Interactive Design
  • Intelligent Regulation System on Utility Power Voltage
  • Full-range Functional management and Control System


OverloadProtection of Switching

  • Three way protection of Switching, lighting, Surges & Spikes.
  • Overload protection of switching.
  • Drop out protection.
  • Efficient protection against RFI amd EMI.
  • Power line monitoring.
  • Universal outlet filtered unit with 2-3 meter long cable.
  • Any kind of round pin & flat pin plug can be inserted.

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